Who are we?

Die Rodungsfreien (literally means open air clearing in a woodland), is a friendly group of 2-6 people from the Allgäu region in southern Germany. All of us have been bitten by the medieval bug and for many years have happily participated in different festivals, such as "Ehrenberg - Die Zeitreise", "Burgbelebung zu Sulzberg", and "Mittelalterfest zu Renningen".
What do we do? Basically, we love everything about life in the 1400s, especially medieval beekeeping. We offer a lot of information about not only this relatively unknown profession, but also products to try and buy. Depending on the beehive (tree homes for the bees) that we extract honey and wax from, either candles or ointments are made. And of course, we're happy to answer any questions, e.g. what exactly are Rodungsfreie? ;-)


Where you can find us 2019